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It was 2003 and snowboard parks were growing in popularity all over the world, inspiring a whole new way of riding.  Our founder, Jake Burton Carpenter, took notice and his vision for a dream resort run with a blend of freestyle and all mountain riding took shape.  After many brainstorm sessions with team riders, Dave Downing, Jeff Boliba, Gunny from Snow Park Technologies as well as Northstar Resort, the concept of The Stash was born.  The Stash runs are a perfect mix of freestyle and freeride, making a park run through the trees with features, jumps, and transitions.



The Avoraiz Burton Stash is Officially Opened
The Stash at Avoriaz is officially opening and it is firing. Grilo, Seppl and Roope take us through some lines.
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Scoping the Stash in Summer
Join Seppl Ramsbacher and Roope Tonteri on their trip to Avoriaz 1800, where they checked out the new Burton Stash
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The 2019 Stash Gathering at The Remarkables
The Remarkables Stash in New Zealand is the only Stash park in the world that features rocks instead of trees.
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