The Stash at Killington just celebrated its 10 year anniversary, and a whole crew from Burton HQ went down to celebrate. At Killington, with the help of Anon Optics, Darkside Snowboard Shop, Burton and the Killington Parks crew, helmed by Jay “Rosey” Rosenbaum, they’ve developed an event series like few others. They call it Slash ‘n Berm. Now in its sixth consecutive year, it’s a prime example of what happens when a local community takes hold of their Stash park and blows it out to its full potential. It felt like a culminating year. The course seemed like the most well-rounded mix of scary and speedy. The community rallied and brought loads of energy all weekend. This is what it’s all about: community, grassroots action, and well-rounded riders getting buck on a mix of park and freeride terrain.